AndSo is a full-service creative agency with a focus on world-class writing and humility. We focus on writing for two reasons: Because no one else does, and because this wildly undervalued skill is everything. No matter what you need to make—from TikTok and Tweets to film and experiences and digital work—writing is required. 

Does AndSo have designers and create visual things? Absolutely. But even the purest design work is anchored in writing principles: clarity, craft, and intent. 

The founders are us, Jake and Shawn, two writers who wanted to build the kind of company we’d always wanted to work for. Where raw creativity meets brand and building great businesses. Where we could work with the most talented people we could find with none of the middle managers. Where we could help ambitious organizations become memorable with work that works. 

We called ourselves AndSo as a reminder. Everything we do should lead to movement, a transition between where you are and where you’re going.

Shawn sitting with his hands clasped in front of him, smiling, and wearing the same pair of glasses that Jake wears.

Shawn Topp is a writer and strategist with experience across tech start-ups, advertising and ping pong. The common thread? Throughout his career he has helped organizations articulate big ideas with elegance and simplicity. Shawn is a part-time advisor with Ryerson's Social Ventures Zone helping purpose-driven businesses and start-ups articulate their ethos while offering mentorship and support.

Jake Bogoch smiling and wearing a pair of the same glasses that Shawn wears.

Jake Bogoch  is an award-winning writer and creative director who won awards. He has lived in Canada and the United States, working at agencies large and small. A household name in the Bogoch household, Jake spent 10 years as a magazine editor and journalist, and was published in Esquire, The Walrus, The Globe and Mail, Deadspin, and others. He skates decenly, surfs OK, and plays guitar badly.