AndSo is led by Shawn Topp and Jake Bogoch, creative collaborators who decided to build the kind of company they’d always wanted to work for. Where gut instinct sits alongside experience and the pursuit of building great brands never strays from building great businesses.

We named ourselves ‘AndSo’ because everything we think, make, and do leads to movement. AndSo is a transition between where you are and where you’re going. Everything has a purpose. Even a throw-away line in a very serious paragraph about ourselves.

Shawn sitting with his hands clasped in front of him, smiling, and wearing the same pair of glasses that Jake wears.

Shawn Topp is a writer and strategist with experience that zigs through tech start-ups, advertising and ping pong. The common thread? Throughout his career he has helped organizations articulate big ideas with elegance and simplicity. His strategic thinking lead him to product design. His first product is Digraphs, a set of laser-cut wooden tiles that reinvigorates one of the world’s most iconic board games: Scrabble. Shawn is a part-time advisor with Ryerson's Social Ventures Zone helping purpose-driven businesses and start-ups articulate their ethos while offering mentorship and support.

Jake Bogoch smiling and wearing a pair of the same glasses that Shawn wears.

Jake Bogoch has lived and worked in Canada and the United States, working at ad agencies large and small. He won some fancy advertising trophies from European award shows, like everyone else, and feels compelled to say so in this bio. Formerly an award-winning journalist, he moved into advertising when he realized he didn’t need to travel to Chechnya for it. He has worked with organizations such as Telus, P&G, Guinness, Purolator, Scotts, McDonald’s, Samsung, Toronto Public Health, Boston Pizza, and others.